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Updated June 25th 2022, more items being added every day.   
Scientific Name Common NameSeedling #1 (1 gallon)Notes
Eriobotrya japonica LoquatN/A$12.0018" + tall
Euphorbia tirucalli Pencil CactusN/A$6.0018" + tall
Sabal Palmetto Cabbage Palm$2.00$6.004"-6" tall, #1 more leaves
Plumeria FrangipaniN/A$15.0016"-24" tall, yellow only at this time.
Hemerocallis Daylilly N/A$5.00Ming Toy and Aztec Gold 12"18" tall
Taxodium distichumBald CypressN/A$10.0036"-48" tall, staked
Pinus elliottiiSlash PineN/A$6.006"+ 4" Deep pot
Livistona decoraRibbon PalmN/A$6.006"+ tall
Hedychium coronariumWhite GingerN/A$6.0010" tall
Washingtonia robustaMexican Fan PalmN/A $6.0010" tall, 3-4 leaves
Wodyetia bifurcataWodyetia bifurcataN/A$6.0010"+ tall
Phoenix reclinataSenegal DateN/A$6.008" tall


Plants are shipped based on actual cost of a weighed shipping estimate (Sent by email). I know this can add a step to the transaction but helps save you money based on your custom order and allows local customers to pick up without an inflated price.  If you prefer to speed things up, please visit our Ebay store which includes set shipping costs per plant (Link at bottom of page).    

Plants are not shipped bare root but are shipped without a container and wrapped in plastic stretch wrap.  This allows for better shipping costs and a tighter fit within the box (less shifting).  If you prefer container shipping we can customize any order, please let us know.

Plants typically ship within two days of your order unless notified otherwise.  In cooler areas of the country, we ship when forecasted temperatures on route are above minimum USDA zone hardiness temperatures for five consecutive days for plants selected based on dormancy of the plant if it applies.  Email with any questions.     

We currently do not ship internationally or to the states of:  AZ, TX, CA, OR, WA, UT

Warranty & Returns

All plants come with an “Arrive alive replacement promise”.  

A photo of the plant and packaging must be sent within 2 days of delivery date for all claims.  Refunds are only provided if plant is shipped or returned in a resalable condition.  

Florida Registered Nursery #48024522




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